Cooler Heads Prevail

I spent some time looking for this post because it is on my mind. DearDR and I had a tiff yesterday — well, a bit more than a tiff, truth be told. And for an instant I thought (much later, after the not-tiff) about writing about it here. Because there are things going on with us that are hard. Not leave-each-other hard, or hate-each-other hard. But married-people hard, married-people-with-kids hard, married-people-with-kids-going-through-some-shit hard.

But yelling was involved. And head-busting anger. And then I thought, I could get this off my chest and write about it.

And then I thought, “Only it’s not my story. It’s our story, and not such a great part of our story. Which is usually much nicer than this.” So, sorry, I’m not writing about it here.

Also because I think some of my friends stop by here every now again. Probably hoping to see pictures, or other videos. Which, in the latter case, if I could download them from my flip-camera, you would see. But we lost the thing-a-ma-jig that connects to my computer for downloading purposes, and haven’t replaced it yet. And a couple of those friends may hear about this tiff, because they are up on the background of why that kind of tiff may have occurred. But most people I wouldn’t tell this not-nice-story to, not because they are lesser friends or anything like that. Just ’cause. Some people you let inside of your side of a marriage, but most people you don’t. Because it’s yours and your side. And his marriage and story, too. You can’t let a lot of people see the dirty laundry.

Oh, and I also like this post because my husband, too, is a manly man, like HBM’s, and, lastly: we are not perfect, but we are perfect for each other. More on that later, because Saturday is our anniversary.

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