Number 10

10. All the yelling.

I am referring to the top ten reasons I can’t stand Dora the Explorer; this is the reason I finally remembered.

It’s not enough that Dora and Boots want my toddler to speak to the television. They must exhort her to “say it again” and “louder”. No toddler in my experience needs to be told to speak louder.

Lately, Monkey has moved on to the Backyardigans and Veggie Tales. Thankfully. As a result, she usually sings her requests to me, because the characters on these shows break into song quite often. This is fine with me, as now we can duet, such as when she sings sweetly at bedtime, “Another book!” (this after three books) and I can warble back, out of any key whatsoever, “No more books.”

It works for us.

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