The Missing Links

In Breaking News

Earthmother is out of commission today due to a root canal, so I will be commenting on the latest news about plastic baby bottles. I was up at 6:30 today feeding the Bun, and I caught a teaser on my local news about the possibility of dangerous materials in some plastic bottles. So I did a little research, and the result: an independent panel “will meet next week to review whether exposure to a chemical commonly found in plastic products like food containers and baby bottles causes health problems.” A separate group of experts claim new laboratory tests show five leading bottle manufacturers may have the dangerous chemical in their bottles and it may leach into what baby is drinking. Here’s the link, but the upshot is: you have to wait a week to find out what they find! Loverly.

I hate alarmists.

Following the Trend

I am especially piqued these days by the following weblogs, and their commentary on the Mommy trend and also the hipster-parenting blogging trend.

Her Bad Mother strongly warns against becoming a mamanista.
This Girl’s Gone Child gets in Time Magazine, much to her chagrin.

I have to do a little more research into this subject. I am not trying to be a cynical parent, I think I am out of the demographic to be a hip parent, and although I am experimenting here with the mommy blogging thing, I may not easily fit into the Babble scene of mommy bloggers. Mostly because I am not an urban parent anymore, though I thought I wanted to be. Update later.

I actually have work today (hooray), so I must shower and pump a bottle (not one of the brands mentioned in the CNN story above) — even though I am not actually leaving my house. One should still be clean and nicely dressed when working at home.

There’s probably a site I can link to about that, too.