Tip of the Hat

First Things First
I have to give props to Earthmother, my sister-in-law: her website (which is a bit older than this blog) was on top of the google hits for “earth mother” this past Saturday. Go, WonderSisInLaw #2 (she is only #2 because WonderSIL #1 married my brother in 1998, and I didn’t marry DearDR until 2001). This site is a wonderful resource for (among other things):

  • natural childbirth
  • chirorpractic
  • vegetarianism
  • So, go Earthmother. I will direct people to your site. I read your latest article, and I would have weighed in, but the comments were off. Turn them on! Please.

    And I am blatantly ripping off one of the funniest bloggers I read, Dad Gone Mad, whose sister is WonderSis. Thanks, DGM! Like the Hot Wife t-shirts. When I feel like Hot Wife myself again, I will order one. Along with a DGM shirt for DearDR.

    And I will be ripping off Earthmother pretty soon, too, to tell my tales of pregnancy, chiropractic, and labor (not as natural as I wanted in any case….)

    Aside from me and Earthmother, is anyone else raising vegetarian children? (Well, at this point Bun is a breast-milkatarian).

    And I think I just spotted robins outside my window! Spring could be on its way! Halelujah!

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