I don’t get it

I don’t understand why or how Justin Timberlake is sexy. Maybe I’m not connected to the pop culture zeitgeist (a strong possibility). Maybe I’m out of the Timberlake demographic (again, a strong possibility). But for pete’s sake, for this guy to be the sexiest thing music has to offer the girls of today — well it just makes me sad. I don’t like his music, I don’t like his look and I really didn’t like the hand-held video camera segment of his performance at the Grammy’s.

Yes, okay, I watched the Grammy’s. I haven’t watched in years and years. The last time I tuned in it was because the White Stripes were going to play, and after they did, I stopped watching. This year I watched because the Police were playing together again after 23 years.

Now, Sting, in that sleeveless black vest? That’s damn sexy. As one of my gay friends pointed out, he’s had work, and maybe that’s true. But it’s not obvious work like Pam Anderson’s torso and Kenny Roger’s eyes.

This ends the random thoughts segment of today’s post. Onto more important things. Like laundry.