You say it’s my birthday?

Oh, yeah, it is my birthday. Hence the blog. My present to myself. I will be figuring this out as I go along, so please bear with me. I also could be interrupted at any time, as I am the mother of a three-week old girl.

I have no plans for my birthday, which is extremely rare. Most years, this last day of January has been known as “The Day of Red Pen Mama”, and I take a day off work (if I’m working), go to a museum and/or coffeeshop, write a lot in my journal, and buy myself little treats. Sometimes DearDR and I go out to celebrate, too.

This year, I knew none of this would occur. Bun’s original due date was January 23, so I realized my birthday was going to take a back seat. And that’s okay — for one year at least. I would go out today, taking the Bun along, but after a long, dreary and unseasonably warm winter, the cold and snow have set in with a vengenence, and I am reluctant to take the Bun out in the cold. Forty degrees is one thing, but a wind chill of 17 and lots of ice is another.

Aw, dammit! I like the nursing aspect of having a baby and all — most of the time anyway — but I can do without leaky breasts. (I prefer the term nursing to breast feeding for some reason. Maybe I don’t want my listener/audience to picture my doing the latter, with its focus on breasts. Because then my listener is thinking, “So is her kid getting enough?” Because the breasts in question here, mine, are not very big.) And I am now sitting here with the right side of my nursing bra, and my shirt, which was clean when I donned it not an hour ago, all wet. With breast milk. So wet and sticky. Man, I hate that.

The other aspect of my birthday day is because of where it falls on the calendar, I kind of count this as my “new year”. And usually I am reflective and set goals for the year ahead and all. I’m not doing that at this point yet today. Maybe I’ll get to it. After my nap…

I’m going to go now, figure out this blogging thing further. And probably feed Bun, as a leaky breast or two may indicate, it is close to time…

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